Questions about your notice of rent increase, termination of tenancy, or change in terms of tenancy? Staff will review the rent increase or termination of tenancy notices and inform you if your landlord is in compliance with the Richmond Rent Program. 

Submit by email: rent@ci.richmond.ca.us or call (510) 234 - RENT (7368). 
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Terms to Know

  1. Rent Control
  2. Just Cause for Eviction
  3. Base Rent
  4. Consumer Price Index (CPI)
  5. Maximum Allowable Rent
Establishes maximum annual rent increases for residential housing units. Not all residential properties are subject to rent control.


Richmond Rent Program Brochure

Rent Program info brochure FINAL

Guía del Programa de Renta de la Ciudad de Richmond

Rent Program info brochure SPANISH
Tenant and Landlord Resources Directory
Directorio de Recursos para Propietarios e Inquilinos

The City welcomes suggestions for other resources to be included on this list.

Please note: The City cannot provide legal advice to private citizens and groups. Please refer to the resources above for legal assistance.

Interim Letter Complaint: Maximum Allowable Rent

Tenants may use the template below to alert their Landlord if they believe they are paying in excess of the Maximum Allowable Rent in violation of the law. Please review the Rent Program Brochure or call (510) 620-6576 to review your Tenant’s rights.

Complaint Letter