Urban Agriculture Assessment

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The City of Richmond released its first
Urban Agriculture Assessment in October 2011.
 This Urban Agriculture Assessment looks at the potential for urban agriculture in Richmond and its role in achieving an

equitable food system

The Richmond Urban Agriculture Assessment is a tool to better understand the role of urban agriculture in the City of Richmond: what types of urban agriculture activities exist in the city today; what types of activities might be developed in the future to meet identified needs;and how the food produced through urban agriculture activities fits into the broader system of food production and distribution that shapes how Richmond residents eat.

This assessment is intended to support decision-makers, local organizations and businesses, and community residents as they develop strategies to build new connections between the people who grow fruits and vegetables in Richmond and the people who could consume them. The Richmond Urban Agriculture Assessment was identified as an Implementing Action in the Community Health and Wellness Element of the Richmond General Plan 2030, which aims to improve the social, economic, physical, and environmental determinants of health inequities.

This assessment is intended to foster discussion and strategic partnerships between the City of Richmond and the variety of groups working on urban agriculture activities in Richmond today.

The assessment was prepared by MIG, Inc in collaboration with the City and PolicyLink, with contributions from members of the Richmond community, Contra Costa Health Services, and the University of California, Berkeley.

Access the Full Report: Richmond Urban Agriculture Assessment
Access Map 1: Existing Urban Agriculture Activities in Richmond
Access Map 2: Potential Urban Agriculture Sites

Potential Urban Agriculture Sites